How’s your artistic skills? Not to good you say! No worries, because this is one of those work at home business opportunities you wont need to be a Michael Angelo to leave your mark on the world. Why? Because you will be painting using stencils. As far as small town business ideas are concerned, this is certainly one of the easiest and quickest to start up you’ll find.

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One of the great plus points I like about this quick money making idea, is the fact you can use “social proof” to easily increase your earnings. Once you have gathered together some customers in the neighborhood you are working in. You can do a bit of “Name Dropping” and then bring on board a large majority of other residents in the area to also have your service.

The simple work at home businesses are best. If your looking for information about starting up your own home business see the link to see the discount being being offered.

First of all let me ask you, how many work at home businesses do you know of, that you won’t have to spend a fortune on materials and tools etc? With this small town business idea, all you’ll need are some numerical stencils along with some non-fade black paint spray of a decent quality. Next stage is to pick your target area where you want to start working. Many people like to start this type of business on their own street first and spread out from there. Just by knocking on neighbors doors in a polite and friendly manner, and offering to spray paint their house numbers on their curb, could prove to be lucrative.

There are many benefits which can be accrued for your customers by having their house number made more visual. Such as, Postal and delivery services finding their destinations easier, visitors coming to call will also find these homes much easier. But probably more important will be the fact, that the emergency services will find these residences quicker if they are ever required in emergencies.

Small Town Business Ideas Need Sound Strategies

As soon as you have started to build a list of those customers agreeing to have your service, this is time to let the rest of the neighborhood know what the service is that the other neighbors are having done. You could ask them if they would like their curbs painted now while you’re working in the area. You could even let them know that it costs less to have your service now, when doing groups in an area, as opposed to coming back at a later date for a one off job.

It’s surprising the numbers of customers you will gain, just from seeing you performing the service. Visually seeing, what you have been explaining, as well as the quality of the finish, always helps to convert those doubters into customers.

Don’t be surprised if you manage to clear a good few hundred dollars a day when curb number painting. Even having someone else work with you, who drums up the customers while you perform the painting will be a winning idea and will more than double your income. People are naturally curious and will be more than willing to listen and find out what your partner has to say he/she knock on the potential customers doors. These strategies could also be used in many other small town business ideas and opportunities you might start up.

When you think a bit more outside the box with this, work at home based business opportunity, more ideas come to mind, like add-on jobs you could offer to do while there. There are many items that will need a touch of paint, if nothing else, but to stop them from deteriorating further due to the weather and age. Use your imagination from the outset and as you get more and more requests from your customers to, “touch up this” and “touch up that”, make a list of these add on jobs. These requests will be golden information in expanding your business.

Whether or not you have a vehicle or even a cart, it doesn’t really matter, but if you do, make sure you have a notice on display stating “what you do” and “what the list of add-ons you can do” as well as a contact number for potential customers to get a hold of you for future work.

You could even leave a card or leaflet with your clients to pass on to other family members and friends who would like your service. Compared to many small town business ideas, this is one of the most straight forward and less complicated out there. As with any Work at home based business it requires action to make it work. That first step can be a giant leap for many people, but just making it could bring life changes not thought of before.